John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2005 Season

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Founded In 1975

Escambia River
Total Fish Caught 40
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 3
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 54.35 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 140
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 14
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 188.25 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Pete Potter 5 7.20
2. Jere Jaillite 5 6.60
3. Fred Raby 3 5.90
4. Ron Fairbanks 5 5.70
5. C. J. Garrison 4 3.95
6. Chris Malena 3 3.80
7. John Buck 1 3.25
8. Jim Bailey Sr 2 2.25
8. Neil Springstead 2 2.25

*** Tournament Winner ***

Pete Potter
5 Fish - 7.20 lbs

Also Fished
Ken Repine
- Frank Kelly
Terry Smith - Paul Sullivan
Place Name Fish Weight
10. Tony Boyette 2 2.15
11. Jeff Weaver 1 1.70
12. Lee Brannon 1 1.60
12. Charles Cetti 1 1.60
14. Rich Carnelius 1 1.40
15. Dave Dyess 1 1.35
16. E. W. Coombs 1 1.30
17. Mitch Gardner 1 1.25
18. Dewayne Kimbro 1 1.10

JANUARY 22, 2005

The Hawg Hunters found themselves looking for bass on the beautiful Escambia River for this outing. Several days of mild weather with temps in the 60's, water levels starting to fall, cloudy skies, and an approaching cold front were the positive factors in this month's tournament. Water color ranged from muddy to stained to reasonably clear depending on where you fished. Water temps were in the mid 50s in the main river and in the low to mid 60's in the backs of creeks.

Terry Smith and I started the morning with a stop in Saltsman cut-off to fish some trash piles in the deeper bends.
I was flipping a black worm and right away pulled out a nice 3.25 lb bass which turned out to be the lunker for the day. I lost another fish in the same pile when it pulled off down under the tree limbs. After fishing several other trash piles in the cut-off without any luck we left and headed to the lower areas of the Simpson River.
We lost several strong fish but never saw them and I suspect they were either large specs or red fish. We fished some really nice looking water without any luck and eventually headed back to the lower end of the Escambia.
Terry was able to pick up a small non-keeper on a spinner bait along what was left of some storm ravaged docks and that was the extent of our catch for the day. It turned out to be one of those "could have-should have- would have" days for us, better known as Escambia River fishing.

As usual some folks found the pay dirt. Pete Potter and Jere Jaillite found fish in the sawgrass and reportedly caught about 30 fish each. Needless to say they both had 5 fish limits. Pete was fishing his "come back" tournament after some major surgery and it was great to see him fishing again. He kicked every one bottom with a limit that weighed 7.20 lbs. Welcome Back Pete!!! Jere, said he served a guide for Pete and finished 2nd with a limit weighing 6.60 lbs. The third spot went to Fred Raby who had 3 nice fish for 5.90 lbs. and the 4th spot was grabbed by Ron Fairbanks with 5 fish totaling 5.70 lbs. Most of the fish came on worms or crank baits. Junebug and black were the main colors for worms and crawfish patterns worked on the crank baits. Many of the guys caught fish but had a difficult time getting keepers. As it turned out it was not a bad day considering we were fishing the "beautiful, fish-teeming waters" of the Escambia River.

Next month the Hawg Hunters leave town for a 2 day adventure at Lake Seminole. Seminole can be a "gold mine" this time of the year if you catch the weather just right, or it can be dangerous and as barren as the moon if you have a heavy cold front move in. If you are planning to fish you should check with tournament director,
Frank Kelly and secure a room as rooms may be scarce being that there is a Citgo BASS event at Seminole the same weekend.

Remember the standard safety procedures when fishing in the cold weather.

Til next time keep those hooks sharp!

Creek Chub