John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2005 Season

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Founded In 1975

Lake Seminole
Total Fish Caught 58
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 3
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 130.05 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 198
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 17
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 318.30 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Dave Dyess 9 23.50
2. Ron Fairbanks 5 14.45
3. Bryan Metcalf 8 14.10
4. Lee Brannon 3 12.00
5. Rich Carnelius 5 10.05
6. Jim Bailey Sr 5 8.55
7. John Schaeff 3 7.70
8. Rich Renner 3 7.40

*** Tournament Winner ***

Dave Dyess
9 Fish - 23.50 lbs

Also Fished
Ken Repine
- Tony Boyette
Place Name Fish Weight
9. C. J. Garrison 1 5.85
10. Terry Smith 3 5.45
11. Pete Potter 3 4.55
12. Paul Sullivan 1 4.25
13. Frank Kelly 2 3.55
14. Jeff Weaver 2 2.95
15. Jere Jaillite 1 1.15
Guest Stacy Blackburn 4 4.55

FEBRUARY 19-20, 2005

Due to a family illness I was unable to fish the February tournament. I want to thank Frank Kelly for writing the report for me. I also want to give a short report on a local business. I recently saw an ad in the paper for some fishing equipment at Academy Sports and Outdoors. When I arrived at the store I found that there was a misprint. However the store manager honored the item in the brochure.
This is not meant to be a sales pitch for them but only to let you know that they do try to
"keep the customer satisfied".
Now here's the tournament report.

Creek Chub

It’s my pleasure to write this month’s news letter. John asked me to jot down some notes as he was unable to participate at Seminole due to an illness in
his family. Thanks for the opportunity John.

My partner for the Seminole tournament was guest (and ex-Hawghunter) Stacey Blackburn. We all woke up to ice on our boats, a 28 degree outside temperature, two other clubs fishing out of the same landing and an absolute cluster to launch our boats. I passed the word the night before to launch early and most of us took note.
We gathered at the second marker outside
the launch site and we were lucky enough to blast-off before the other two clubs did. Stacey and I went directly to a favorite spot of mine on Spring Creek and decided to fish top water.
I threw a Bang-O-Lure and put two keepers in the boat within 20 minutes of starting. Stacey put one keeper

in the boat using a Creek-Chub during that same time frame. We both thought this would be a great day.
That thought turned out to be wrong.

During the course of the day we tried several other areas; Three Mile, Four Foot Ditch, the Dam, etc.
Stacey did manage one more keeper but no more for me.

Weigh in time brought several stories. The best belonged to Dave Dyess.
He could not get his motor to stay running so he and partner Terry Smith put the boat on the trailer and went to Marianna to a marine dealer to get it repaired. No luck so they re-launched at 10:00 am using the trolling motor.
He (Dave) brought to the scales one of the biggest (if not the biggest)
Bass ever caught in Hawghunter Tournament competition. A WHOPPING 8.25 LBS. WHAT A HAWG.
Congratulations from the entire club Dave.

The second day was somewhat warmer, at least no ice on the boats. Stacey and I went back to the same place and he landed a keeper on his very first cast. And another on his fourth cast. The hopes for a better day started to build. To no avail I might add. He weighed in two and I got SKUNKED.
(Not the first time either.)

Before I forget. The fear that the B.A.S.S. tournament (150+ boats) out of Bainbridge never really effected us.
We did see numerous bass boats but
no one reported not being able to fish THEIR spots.

Weigh in went smoothly and almost everyone caught fish. Several HAWGS were brought in this day but none surpassed Dave’s Hawg. Lee Brannon caught the lunker this day with an IMPRESSIVE 7.60 pounder.
Ron Fairbanks wasn’t far behind with another impressive 7.15 pounder.

Close but no cigar.

First place went to Dave Dyess with 23.5 pounds (nice job Dave), second to Ron Fairbankswith 14.4, third to
Brian Metcalf with 14.1 and fourth to Lee Brannon with 12.0 pounds.
We caught 58 bass that weighed 130.05 pounds.

By the way, we had a great cook out Saturday night in front of the lodge. Dave Dyess made up some very tasty hamburgers and hot dogs, Pete brought the grill, charcoal and everything else and I contributed some other STUFF. Can’t wait for the next cook out.

Til next time keep those hooks sharp!

Frank Kelly