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Founded In 1975

Blackwater River
Total Fish Caught 20
Total Dead Fish 0
Big Fish 2.35
Total Fish Weight 16.35 lbs
Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 436
Total Dead Fish 19
Big Fish 5.70
Total Fish Weight 702.35 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Brian Metcalf 5 6.55
2. Terry Smith 2 3.00
3. Neil Springstead 2 2.45
4. Ken Repine 1 2.35
5. Mack Cramer 1 2.10
6. Paul Sullivan 2 2.05

*** Tournament Winner ***
Brian Metcalf
5 Fish - 6.55 lbs

Also Fished
Jim Bailey Sr - Frank Kelly
David Rogers - Fred Raby
Walter McCartney
- Pete Potter Charles Cetti - Rich Carnelius Tony Boyette- Dewayne Kimbro
Place Name Fish Weight
7. John Buck 2 1.90
8. Jeff Weaver 1 1.40
9. Dave Dyess 1 1.35
10. Lee Brannon 1 1.20
11. E.W. Coombs 1 1.00
11. Ron Fairbanks 1 1.00

*** Big Fish Winner ***
Ken Repine
2.35 lbs

JUNE 19, 2004

The June tournament was held out of Carpenter’s Park in Milton, Florida on the Blackwater River.
My partner for the tournament was Ron Fairbanks. The water was high due to the numerous thunderstorms which plagued the area for several days prior to the tourney. Water up river was stained but cleared somewhat down river in the bay areas. The Yellow River area was also stained with high water.
Air temp was near 90 and the water temp ranged from upper 70’s to mid 80’s depending on where you fished.

Ron and I discussed our game plan prior to the tourney and decided to work buzz baits and flukes early, and switch to spinner baits and worms later in the morning. We started out by running south to a small creek in hopes of finding some clearer water. When we got there we found the tide was pushing in and the water was pretty clean. Within a few minutes I hooked up with a non-keeper. Within the next 1 ½ hrs we probably caught 7-8 fish, but could only muster 3 keepers in the boat. All of our fish came on black worms fished Texas-rig. We each lost a couple of fish that may have been keepers, but then so did most of the other fishermen.
By 8:30 or 9 our bite was OVER. The general consensus at the scales was that the bite ended for almost all about that time. Ron and I spent the rest of the day fishing the lower end of Yellow River and the lower end of Blackwater with nothing to show but sunburn. Both of us were thankful that we had an early weigh-in,
and in reality we both were wishing it was even earlier than the scheduled 2 PM.

At the scales there were many long faces both from the lack of fish and from the heat. The weigh-in was a short affair due to the few fish that were brought to the scales. Only fishermen brought fish to the scales. Brian Metcalf brought in the only limit to take the victory with 6.65 lbs. Terry Smith was second with 2 fish for 3.0 lbs. Neil Springstead was 3rd with 2 fish weighing 2.45 lbs. Ken Repine came in 4th with 1 fish for 2.35lbs. It was also the lunker for the day. Overall it was a very poor showing for catching fish, but it was on Blackwater in late June!

Most of the fish were caught early (before 9:00 AM), and most were caught of buzz baits and plastic worms.
Worm colors that seemed to score were black, june bug, and red shad.

The July tournament is scheduled for Mt. Vernon on the Mobile River. It will also be a short day, but at least from that area you have decent options of going up the Tombigbee, the Alabama, or down the Mobile or Tensaw rivers. Remember in the heat to drink lots of water and use sun screen and by all means keep your live wells aerated.

Til next time…Keep your hook sharp!

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