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Founded In 1975

Tensaw River
Total Fish Caught 15
Total Dead Fish
Big Fish 2.50
Total Fish Weight 18.60 lbs
Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 179
Total Dead Fish 0
Big Fish 4.45
Total Fish Weight 273.25 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Neil Springstead 3 4.70
2. Brian Metcalf 3 3.10
3. Lee Brannon 3 2.85
4. Rich Carnelius 2 1.95

***Tournament Winner***

Neil Springstead
3 Fish - 4.70 lbs

Place Name Fish Weight
5. Jim Bailey Sr 1 1.85
6. Tony Boyette 1 1.55
7. Mack Cramer 1 1.30
7. Charles Cetti 1 1.30

Big Fish

Neil Springstead
Also Fished
Fred Raby - Ken Repine - Terry Smith - Chris Malena - Pete Potter - Keven Simmons - Ron Fairbanks
Jere Jaillite - Walter McCartney - Dave Dyess - Frank Kelly - Paul Sullivan - Dewayne Kimbro

David Rogers

Tensaw River
February 21, 2004

Pensacola Hawg Hunters held their February tournament on the Tensaw Delta from Mizells Landing.
Warm weather moved in Monday and Tuesday and it looked like the cold, windy rainy days were gone but no such luck…the rains Wednesday and Thursday put the rivers at flood stage and the north wend made for another miserable day on the water.

We met at Foodworld for a 4:30 departure. Even Chris made the departure (barely) to arrive at Mizells an hour and a half before daylight. As we found our way to the river we discovered the first warning…idling in gear was not enough power to pull the river current! Daylight finally arrived and we blasted off, some even blasted in the middle of the pack leaving a huge wake for the rest of us.

My partner and I had planned to work Chucafee bay; when we got to the mouth we saw whitecaps!
Plan B. We worked some creeks, fighting a huge outgoing tide, wind, and water blowing through the back end made fishing miserable not to mention non productive. I got a phone call about noon, it was Walter and Dave. Their batteries were gone from fighting the wind and current and no fish. As we met other anglers we heard the same story. No hits, no bites, no fish! Ron and I both had a hit and should have put fish in the boat but late hook sets do not help on days like that.

When we reached the weigh in we found a lot of long faces. Only seven people managed to catch a fish!
Neil Springstead finished first with 3 monsters, Brian was second with two, Lee Brannon finished third and
Rich Carnelius brought up the final top four.

I did not hear of any major problems, no sand bars…batteries took a toll with the wind and fast water but that seemed to be the worst of it except, of course for the poor fishing.

Lots of experience, it’s great to be out on the water and COME ON SPRING!!!

Til next time …Keep your hooks sharp!

Fred Raby