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Founded In 1975

Tensaw River
Total Fish Caught 32
Total Dead Fish
Big Fish 4.45
Total Fish Weight 52.10 lbs
Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 90
Total Dead Fish 0
Big Fish 4.45
Total Fish Weight 148.00 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Brian Metcalf 5 11.55
2. Rich Carnelius 5 7.60
3. Terry Smith 3 5.10
4. Walter McCartney 4 4.60
5. John Buck 2 4.55
6. Jeff Weaver 2 3.20
7. Chris Malena 2 3.10

***Tournament Winner***

Brian Metcalf
5 Fish - 11.55 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
8. Wayne Thomley 2 3.05
9. Lee Brannon 1 1.95
9. Neil Springstead 2 1.95
11. Jim Bailey Sr. 1 1.45
12. Frank Kelly 1 1.40
13. Charles Cetti 1 1.35
14. Pete Potter 1 1.25
Big Fish
Brian Metcalf

Also Fished

Paul Sullivan - Mack Cramer - Ron Fairbanks
Tony Boyette - Fred Raby - Ken Repine

Tensaw River
December 20, 2003

The Pensacola Hawg Hunters held their December tournament out of Cliff’s Landing on the Tensaw River.
The morning brought cold temps (27-28), but warmed to the lower 60’s by midday. The river was stained but not too bad. Most creeks and lakes were clear. Partly cloudy skies, light winds, and a falling tide made for favorable fishing conditions.

Frank Kelly was my partner this month. We started out fishing in Dennis Creek and found very clear (too clear) water. After about 45 minutes on no hits or any action, we left for some banks farther upstream. After a cooold but short ride upriver, Frank set up on a large fish only to fine it was a grinnel. We worked several other main river banks below Live Oak and he landed a keeper bass on a crank bait. We ran a short way up from Live Oak and I caught a couple of decent keepers on crank baits and missed several others. As the afternoon approached we ran back down river to Red Creek. I caught another keeper in there on a finesse worm and missed two more.
I just could keep them on the hook long enough to get them in the boat. We enjoyed the day fishing together even though we didn’t catch many fish. The biggest news from our boat was that Frank has bought a new boat, a nice Ranger with a 200hp Mercury. I know that he’ll enjoy fishing in it.

At the scales Brian Metcalf brought in a limit (5) weighing 11.55lbs to take the WIN. He also had the lunjker at 4.45 lbs. Rich Cornelius “kissed the bride” to take 2nd with 5 fish weighing 7.60lbs. Terry Smith had a nice bag of fish and took 3rd place with 5.10 lbs. Rounding out the 4th spot was Walter McCartney with 4 fish that weighed 4.60 lbs. Most of the fish were taken with jigs, worms and crank baits. Not many fish were weighed in, but if you found them there were usually several nearby.

Our next tournament is also on the Tensaw River. It is scheduled to be out of Mizell’s on the causeway.
This is traditionally a good time to fish the delta area so make plans to participate.
As always be safe and use common sense and be prepared when fishing in the cold weather.
It’s always a good bet to have a spare change of clothes stored in the boat in case of a mishap.

Til next time …Keep your hooks sharp!

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