John Buck
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Founded In 1975

Alabama River
Total Fish Caught 49
Total Dead Fish 2
Big Fish 4.85
Total Fish Weight 85.95 lbs
Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 532
Total Dead Fish 24
Big Fish 5.70
Total Fish Weight 871.75 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. WalterMcCartney 5 10.00
2. Tony Boyette 5 9.05
3. Chris Malena 3 6.95
4. John Buck 4 6.10
5. Jim Bailey Sr 3 5.70
5. Pete Potter 3 5.70
7. Kevin Simmons 3 5.65
8. Paul Sullivan 2 5.40

*** Tournament Winner ***
5 Fish - 10.00 lbs

Also Fished
Ken Repine
Place Name Fish Weight
9. Frank Kelly 3 4.90
9. John Schaeff 2 4.90
11. Dewayne Kimbro 2 3.60
12. Rich Carnelius 3 3.55
13. Ron Fairbanks 1 3.50
14. Lee Brannon 2 3.35
15. Mack Cramer 3 3.15
16. Neil Springstead 2 2.55
17. Jeff Weaver 1 1.90

*** Big Fish Winner ***
4.85 lbs

AUGUST 21, 2004

Our monthly tournament was held on the upper end of Claiborne Lake. This is a beautiful area of the river that we seldom fish. There are not many creeks but the river is full of lay downs, standing timber, eddys, ledges, and shoals. All of this cover and structure lend for good bass fishing.
We had visibility of about 3 feet early before the boat traffic and current from generators stirred the silt and mud.
Water temp was in the 80's and we had mostly cloudy skies.

We were originally scheduled to launch out of the launch at the Hwy 10 bridge, however our "on site" tournament committee decided to move it to the next launch upstream (Cobb's landing), after seeing the condition of the ramp and the lack of parking for the trucks and trailers. This proved to be a good choice,
but even then a couple of us had to have some help is getting our boats out due to the low water conditions and slick mud on the ramps. My rig was the one that needed the most help, and I really appreciate all the guys pitching in and giving me and the others a hand to help pull the tubs up the slick ramp.

Dewayne Kimbro was my partner for the tournament. Dewayne and I had not fished together before and I was looking forward to fishing with him. I had had several of the guys tell me that he was a great partner,
and they were right. I thoroughly had an enjoyable day fishing with him. Dewayne and I started out just below the generating facility at the dam on Miller's Ferry fishing the rip raff. I started throwing a crank bait and immediately hooked up with a small spot. We caught several fish in succession and Dewayne switched to a spinner bait and on the first cast landed a nice 2.5 lb spot. A few minutes later I caught a small bass and on the way in a larger fish took the bait. It turned out to be a 2.65 lb largemouth. We each caught numerous small fish before they started generating and before the current got too swift. We moved downstream and started fishing laydowns and standing timber with crankbaits, spinners and soft plastics. We were able to catch several more fish on worms and craws but nothing else on cranks or spinners. Although we each caught numerous fish throughout the day,
I was only able to manage 4 keepers and Dewayne managed only two.

At the weigh-in Walter McCartney was the "man of the day". He had the lunker at 4.85 lbs and a nice limit for 10 lbs even to take 1st place. His only comment was "Where's Fred when you need him." I think this was in reference to some sort of ongoing wager that the two of them have. His partner Tony Boyette was 2nd with a limit that weighed 9.05 lbs. They had a boat total of 19.05 lbs. Good job guys! In the third spot was Chris Malena with 3 nice fish weigning 6.75 lbs. (Special thanks to Chris for helping pull me out of the slick ramp.)
I was lucky enough to slip into 4th place with 4 fish for 6.10 lbs. On a side note, Jim Bailey had a pretty fish that weighed 3.7 lbs and a total weight of 5.7 lbs to tie with Pistol Pete for 5th,
but that's a story his partner Rich Cornelius will have to tell you about.
Rich what was your total weight? (3.55?)

This was our last "short" tournament for the year. Our next tournament is a 2 day event at Lay Lake near Clanton, Alabama. Times will be safe daylight until 4PM on Saturday, and safe daylight until 1 PM on Sunday. This should be a fun time as we have never fished Lay Lake as a Hawg Hunter tournament.
Make your plans to attend and enjoy the fun and fellowship.
Also remember the family outing that is tentatively set for September 26th.
It's always a great afternoon so make plans to attend!

Oh yeah, by the way, if any of you guys ever need any brake work done on your trailer or truck,
ask me and I'll tell you where NOT to take it.

Til next time keep those hooks sharp!
Creek Chub