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Founded In 1975

Lake Martin
Total Fish Caught 102
Total Dead Fish 6
Big Fish 4.60
Total Fish Weight 126.80 lbs
Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 367
Total Dead Fish 12
Big Fish 5.70
Total Fish Weight 589.10 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Ron Fairbanks 7 11.70
2. Mack Cramer 10 11.35
2. Jere Jaillite 8 11.35
4. Brian Metcalf 9 10.95
5. Fred Raby 9 10.40
6. Jeff Weaver 6 9.45
7. NeilSpringstead 8 8.50
8. WalterMcCartney 7 7.95
9. Dave Dyess 7 7.65

Tournament Winner Saturday

Fred Raby
5 Fish - 6.60 lbs

Big Fish Saturday
Lee Brannon - 4.60 lbs

*** Tournament Winner***
Ron Fairbanks
7 Fish - 11.70 lbs

**Tournament Big Fish**

Lee Brannon
- 4.60 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
10. David Rogers 6 7.20
11. John Buck 6 7.00
12. Lee Brannon 3 6.85
13. Pete Potter 6 5.30
14. Frank Kelly 4 4.80
15. Ken Repine 2 2.65
16. Jim Bailey Sr 2 1.75
17. Paul Sullivan 1 1.05
18. Chris Malena 1 .90

Tournament Winner Sunday

Brian Metcalf
5 Fish - 6.50 lbs

Big Fish Sunday
Jere Jaillite - 3.50 lbs

APRIL 24-25, 2004

The Pensacola Hawg Hunters April tournament was held at Wind Creek State Park on Lake Martin.
Traditionally we have done quite well at this site and we were all looking forward to having another banner outing. We were greeted with cool temps in the AM and warm temps in the PM, high blue skies, and very clear water with surface temps reaching near 70 up in the day.

Pete Potter and I fished together this weekend. Pete and I have fished together numerous times and I was looking forward to fishing with him as he has a tradition of putting the backseater on fish. Pete went up early to scout and I came up late Friday night. He said he had found some bites but nothing really great.

We started off at one of my spots because I had caught some large fish there in the past. I had several rolls on a topwater but no takers. Pete decided to try to go deeper with a worm and quickly boated 3 keepers.
After another 30 minutes and no bites we decided to go to Pete’s banks. We made several stops in the New Hope area but got no results. We ended up in Sandy Creek fishing the rock ledges and points. I managed to catch a nice LM and Pete and I both caught a limit of small keepers. We had numerous hits and small fish through out the day but just could not find the bigger fish. Most of our fish came on june bug finesse worms t-rigged.
We tried c-rigs and cranks but only got a few hits and no fish. I managed one keeper on a shad puppy and got several more to roll on it but no real takers.

At the weigh-in 7 guys showed up with limits but no one really had good stringers. Lee Brannon brought in a nice LM weighing 4.60 lbs to take the day one lunker award.

Fred Raby showed up with the largest bag of fish to take the early lead with 6.60 lbs. Jere Jaillite was 2nd with a limit weighing 6.20 lbs, and I was 3rd with 5.90 lbs. Most of the fish caught the first day came from a variety of soft plastics and crankbaits. Finesse worms and Carolina rigs seemed to account for most of the fish.

Back at the Bob White Motel we had a cook out. The management there provided us with a nice grill and as always took great care of us. (His ice machine was broken and he got us all the ice we needed from a local convenience store at no cost to us.) The Bob White is a modest place but excellent location for bass fishermen, rates are very reasonable, and management will go out of their way to make your stay a good one. Back to the cook out….
Pete and Neil did a great job of cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. We also had chips, cole slaw, and baked beans.
It was a very enjoyable evening of fellowship with the guys in the club.
Thanks to all who helped in this activity.
It was really fun.

Day two arrived with much the same conditions as day one except that we had a few more clouds early.
With the additional clouds Pete and I were looking forward to a good top water bite. We went back to my bank and immediately Pete hooked up with a giant spot on a chugbug. After a brief but strong pull the fish jumped about 4 feet out of the water and slung the bait all the way to the boat. The fish was as long as my arm, and Pete, being the gentleman he is, only cussed for about 30 minutes. The fish really was a giant!
That was the last hit we had there and so we headed to Sandy Creek to pick up where we left off the day before.
We managed to catch a few short fish there but couldn’t get the hits we had the previous day. We each wound up with one little fish each and each of us dropped in the tournament standings. Ron Fairbanks surprised everyone and came in with 3 nice fish (5.95) to take first place with a total weight of 11.70 lbs. Ron was fishing with Fred and this is the second time that Ron has won a tournament out of the back of Fred’s boat.
That’s a feat that not too many people can claim! Ron what’s your secret? Mac Cramer brought in a limit (5.55lbs. Mac was also the only fisherman to bring in a limit both days!) for a total weight of 11.35lbs. Jere Jaillite showed up with a nice 3.5 lb spot (crank bait) to take lunker honors and to claim a share of 2nd place with Mac.
Brian Metcalf showed up with a limit (6.50) to take 4th place with a total of 10.95 lbs.

While our weights weren’t as good as in past years, we did have a lot of fun and enjoyed the beautiful lake.
No one really made any moves to try and grab a slammer nomination, but the year’s still young!
Next month we fish a one day event at Miller’s Ferry out of Ellis Landing.
This should be a great time to be there so make your arrangements to participate.

Til next time …Keep your hooks sharp!

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