"John's Club Report"
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
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July 21, 2001

Alabama River Standings
Total Fish Caught
Total Dead Fish
Total Fish Weight
89.45 lbs.
Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 435
Total Dead Fish 18
Total Fish Weight 614.44 lbs.

Alabama River
Isaac Creek Landing
By: Neil " Blinky" Springstead

Well, as things will have it good old John Buck had a baseball game this
month and could not fish. So here I go again. Yours truly was teamed up with
Jeff Weaver and got to ride in a big boy boat. We went up Friday night so we
could get some sleep and not have to get up at 1am. When we did get up and
made our way to the landing we were one of the last ones to get there.
were a site to behold. Poor old Pete Potter was asleep on his feet. But all
were in good spirits and looking forward to the big fish of the day.
tournament director forgot the blast off order so Mr. Wally set us all off at
about the same time. We took off only to run into a shower just down the
river and just enough to cool ya off. The morning was cool and plenty of over
cast. But the fish would not work with us. We tried every thing we could
think of but with no luck. As the day went on we finally got a hold of a few
fish on a crank bait on the main river. No big ones but at least they pulled
the line tight. Finally it was time to head in, after all Jeff had his nap
and a swim in the river. So you know the fishing is about over at that time.
When we got to the landing we were one of the last to load up. A lot of fish
were caught but no big fish or big stringers. Big fish went to Bryan Metcalf.
As usual he had it figured out and had a nice catch of fish.
Second went to
Cliff Armstrong and followed by Mitch Gardner. Then as luck will have it Mac won the grab bag and the $1,000.
I know you took that straight home to the wife for her to
Just kidding it was only enough to replace the crank bait lost to the
river trees. But as usual all had a great time and it was great to have Dave Dyess out there with us again. Glad to have you back Dave. Keep up the great recovery.
Till next time be safe and see ya at the next meeting.
Don't forget
next tournament is at Hubbards landing.