John Buck

Total Fish Caught
Tensaw River


Total Dead Fish
Tensaw River


Total Fish Weight
Tensaw River

60.10 lbs.

Total Fish Caught
For Year


Total Dead Fish
For Year


Total Fish Weight

For Year

60.10 lbs.

#1 Mack Cramer
#2 Brian Metcalf
#3 Dave Dyess

Big Fish Saturday
Mack Cramer
2.80 lbs.


"John's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Tensaw River
Cliff's Landing

November 20, 1999

The Hawg Hunters started their new tournament year this month with a contest out of Cliff’s Landing on the Tensaw River. Twenty-one Hawg Hunters and one guest (Terry Smith) went searching for the "Tensaw Green Trout".The weather conditions seemed pretty good prior to the start. We’ve had unusually warm weather and Saturday was not to be any different. Water color was generally pretty good but a little low since we hadn’t had any rain for about 20 days. (Did I say rain?) Water temp was in the mid 60's and expectations were high for a good day of fishing.

I had the distinction of guiding "Little Rock" Rich Renner around the river. We had a good time of teasing each other and trying to find those finicky little bass. (Whoops did I say little?) It seems that everything we caught was little from about 4 inches to 113/4 inches. We both caught several but just couldn’t get keepers. I finally managed to get a couple of small keepers on a worm and a spinner bait. Little Rock kept throwing a Speckled trout lure but he couldn’t catch any specs either. He did do a good job of running the front of the boat and allowed me to catch my first four bass of the day and my first keeper while he worked with the current.

Around mid-morning we heard thunder in the distance but paid it no mind since we were in the bright sun and had a nice breeze and plenty of current to work with. Then the thunder sounded closer and as we rounded a point where we could see through the trees we saw a problem. Black skies, frequent streaks of lightning, and heavy rain were moving our way fast from the west. We thought about just sitting it out until the lightning hit nearby and I said let’s find a boat house and get some shelter.
We were in the Spanish River area and found a camp that had a nice porch with no screen and politely climbed inside. No sooner than we got in, all hell broke loose with the storm.
The lightning was rough and the rain was incredible.
Later we found out that there were 2 water spouts in the area and that more than 2 inches fell in 30 minutes. Some of the other guys weren’t so lucky to find a shelter and had to bear the brunt of the storm in their boats. Fortunately no one got hurt or injured though most had some stories to tell at the weigh-in.

Some folks found fish and in good numbers. YW Cramer came in with a pretty bag of five Tensaw hawgs that weighed 9.70 lbs. and captured 1st place. He also had the lunker at 2.80 lbs. Brian Metcalf showed up with a limit which weighed 8.10 lbs to take 2nd place. Dave Dyes and his partner stayed near the launch and he scratched out a limit for 3rd place with 6.25 lbs. Both Dave and YW caught their fish on junebug worms. I think that Brian caught most of his fish on worms and jerk baits. Most of
the guys found fish but finding keepers was difficult. Overall this was not a bad start for the new year, it could have been much worse.

I want to take this space to thank all the Hawg Hunters who helped out with the Casting Kids event, especially Randy Cole for taking the organizational responsibilities. There was a good turnout of around 40-50 kids, and they kept the members very busy. As a person who works daily with kids in that age group,
I can tell you that all you guys who helped, did make a positive difference in a young person that day. Thanks again for giving of your time and talents and equipment (especially those of you who brought your boats for the kids to look at).
Thanks for helping make a kid’s day a better one!

Next month we will try our luck with the beautiful Escambia River, and see who will be lucky enough to catch the one bass that lives there. You guys better get busy there as you should know that Dave and YW usually find fish on Escambia and they love fishing there about as much as a swarm of gnats loves a pigs butt. Word has it that chartreuse hand grenades and telephone crank baits will work about as well as anything on the beautiful Escambia. Until next time keep your hooks sharp!

Until next time....Keep you hooks sharp...

Creek Chub

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Mack Cramer 5 9.70
Brain Metcalf 5 8.10
Dave Dyess 5 6.25
Neil Springstead 3 4.75
Mike Tyson 4 4.45
Randy Cole 3 4.05
Pete Potter 3 3.95
Jim Bailey Sr. 3 3.60
Wally Cassiano 2 2.90
Fred Raby 2 2.70
John Buck 2 2.60
Don Jahnke 2 2.15
Jere Jaillite 2 2.05
Cliff Armstrong 1 1.50
Paul Sullivan 1 1.35
Lee Brannon 0 0
Jack Maher 0 0
Drawne Mills 0 0
Rich Renner 0 0
Stan Wright 0 0
Jeff Weaver 0 0
Terry Smith (Guest) 0 0