John Buck

Total Fishermen
Tensaw River

Total Fish Caught
Tensaw River


Total Dead Fish
Tensaw River


Total Fish Weight
Tensaw River

66.25 lbs.

Total Fish Caught
For Year


Total Dead Fish
For Year


Total Fish Weight

For Year

722.15 lbs.

Angler Fish Weight
4 10.65
Brian Metcalf 5 8.55
3 6.70
Rich Renner 5 5.65
3 4.45
Mack Cramer 2 4.00
Mitch Gardner 2 3.95
3 3.65
Bailey Sr
3 3.50
Neil Springstead 2 3.50
2 2.40
Jeff Weaver 2 2.20
John Schaeff 1 1.95
Stan Wright 1 1.35
1 1.30
Tony Boyette 1 1.20
Cliff Armstrong 1 1.05
Wally Cassiano 0 0
Frank Kelly 0 0
Kevin Simmons 0 0


"John's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Tensaw River
Live Oak Landing

July 22, 2000

By: Neil Springstead

The July Tournament is now behind us and what a day it was! As you know we moved the site to Live Oak from Holly Creek due to low water conditions.

It was also slated to be a very hot day due to lack of rain.
All started out well with the blast-off at safe daylight. Most boats went south but 3 boats went north. The day was so hot that Wally and Jim, Sr. came in at about 1:00 pm and sat in the truck to cool off. Then came the rain.

Around 1:30 the bottom fell out and it rained like cats and dogs with lighting popping. It appears all took shelter and waited it out for an hour or so. Weigh-in was as usual at 4:00 pm and all the boats were on time and some of our fellow anglers looked like wet rats! Even with the weather like it was, though, there were some good fish that came to the scales.

Lee Brannon managed to come in first with four fish weighing a total of 10.65 pounds. And even had Lunker at 4.55 pounds. Then Brian Metcalf did his usual great job and came in with a nice limit of 5 fish weighing 8.55pounds. For third place was a name not heard from for a while - Fred Raby - with three fish totaling 6.70 pounds.

All total it was a good day even though it was HOT until the rain came. Any time everyone comes in safe it is considered a good tournament in the opinion of your Tournament Director. Look forward to seeing you next month at Upper Bryants.

Till then - be safe and release those fish!