John Buck

Total Fish Caught
Tensaw River


Total Dead Fish
Tensaw River


Total Fish Weight
Tensaw River

144.90 lbs.

Total Fish Caught
For Year


Total Dead Fish
For Year


Total Fish Weight

For Year

369.95 lbs.

#1 Mike Tyson
#2 Wally Cassiano
#3 Jim Bolleter
Big Fish Saturday
Mike Tyson
4.15 lbs.


"John's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Tensaw River
Cliffs Landing

February 19, 2000

The February tournament was held on the Tensaw River out of Cliff’s landing. The Hawg Hunters were greeted with mild temps, low water, and high hopes as we launched the boats in the pre-dawn hours. The general water conditions were slight stain, low, a falling tide early, water temps near 60, and overcast skies with an approaching front. In other word, excellent conditions for the Tensaw area.

My partner for the tournament was Jack Maher, president of the Hawg Hunters. Jack had a few spots he wanted to hit in the morning so off we went. We pulled up to a bank where he had found fish the week before and in short order Jack had 4 short fish and I hadn’t had a hit. The water was falling fast in the area we were fishing and we decided to back off the bank and fish the drop ledge. Soon I boated the first keeper, and then another.
We located a brush pile on the drop and there were fish on it. Jack caught a couple of "shorties" and then I nabbed a 2 ½ lb green trout that gave my line a nice tug. Jack boated a keeper and things started looking up for a short while. We each lost big fish which hurt our pride but we were still on a bite.
That is until about 20 boats started a parade by us as they ran for their fishing spots. (We found out later that several FLW tour fishermen had decided to fish in the same area as we had.) After the boat parade of 200hps washed up the narrow water we were trying to fish, the bass decided to quit feeding. That was it for us. We fished very hard the rest of the day but only managed small fish. Oh well, there’ll be other days.

When we got to the weigh-in, literally everyone had tales to tell and fish to show. It’s a rare day for us that 5 lbs won’t get someone into at least 14th place. There were a number of Hawg Hunters weighing in limits (5 bass). Also there were several very respectable fish weighed in for the lunker prize.

Word has it that Pete Potter has once again proved that "Pete’s Guide Service" is a sure bet. Probably more tournaments are won out of the back of Pete’s boat than any other boat in the club.
He also learned some manners. He was critical of his partners (Mike Tyson) baits and Mike not only won the tournament but also had the lunker. Way to go Mike!!!! That was a pretty bag of fish (10.45 lbs). Mike caught most of his fish on plastic crawfish fished Texas style or Carolina rigged.

The ole "He Coon" (Wally Casiano) of the Hawg Hunters reared his head again this month. He showed up at the scales with a nice bag of bass weighing 9.60 lbs. He was closely followed closely
by his partner Jim Bolleter with 9.45 lbs. They didn’t say what they caught their fish on, but knowing them I would guess a jerk baits and crank baits. At any rate two more nice stringers of fish. The baits that were talked about the most at the weigh-in were worms/lizzards and crank baits. Some caught fish on spinners also. This has to be one of our best ever tournaments on the Tensaw....and in February...."who’d have thunk it?". Over 144 lbs for the total weight!!!! I guess with the extremely mild winter the fish are in the pre-spawn mode earlier than usual.

Our next tournament will be at Lake Seminole. If the weather holds, we should be in for another great outing.
I’m really looking forward to it. Until then.

Keep Your Hooks Sharp....

Creek Chub

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Mike Tyson 5 10.45
Wally Cassiano 5 9.60
Jim Bolleter 5 9.45
Mack Cramer 5 8.40
Brian Metcalf 5 8.30
Dave Dyess 5 8.30
Kevin Simmons 5 7.80
Dwayne Mills 5 7.55
John Schaeff 5 7.40
Fred Raby 5 7.15
Randy Cole 5 6.35
Jere Jaillite 3 5.85
Cliff Armstrong 3 5.85
Don Jahnke 4 5.70
Lee Brannon 2 5.00
Stacy Blackburn 3 5.00
John Buck 3 4.75
Frank Kelly 2 3.75
Jim Bailey Sr. 2 3.45
Pete Potter 2 2.85
Rich Renner 1 2.70
Jeff Weaver 1 2.60
Terry Smith 1 2.05
Jim Bray 1 1.30
Paul Sullivan 1 1.15
Jack Maher 1 Bass 1.10
Neil Springstead 1 1.10