John Buck

Total Fish Caught
Lake Mitchell


Total Dead Fish
Lake Mitchell


Total Fish Weight
Lake Mitchell

112.20 lbs.

Total Fish Caught
For Year


Total Dead Fish
For Year


Total Fish Weight

For Year

876.07 lbs.

#1 Dave Dyess
#2 Pete Potter
#3 John Schaeff

Big Fish Saturday
Mike Tyson
3.50 lbs.

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"John's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Lake Mitchell
Camden State Park Landing

September 18-19, 1999

The Hawg Hunters held their September tournament at Lake Mitchell. Lake Mitchell is located on the Coosa River about 30 miles north of Montgomery, Alabama. The site proved to be an excellent choice as everyone had a good time and most caught fish!

The lake has many interesting features including, grassy edges, deep water rocky points, tapering points, ledges, log jams, lay downs, etc and even tail-race fishing at the dam above the lake. There was a nice variety of largemouths as well as Kentucky spotted bass caught. The "spots" were as pretty as any that I have seen.
Their colorings were really pretty and boy do they put up a fight.

The weather was very cooperative for us. We had partly cloudy skies and mild temps ranging from lows in the lower 50's to highs in the low 80's. Just great weather to be "out ‘n about" and with fish biting as well.

My partner (Paul Sullivan) and I found fish by working a white spinner w/silver blades just off the bottom and by letting it flutter down the sides of rock bluffs and along the edge of the dam on the upper end of the lake. We weere able to catch fish throughout both days on this pattern. We didn't load the boat by any means but we did catch enough to keep us having fun. Others found fish using jigs and small spoons in the current and rocks where spots were feeding. A good number of fish were also taken on rattle traps fished in the current while there were also reports of bass hittings worms and crank baits as well.

The weekend was not without its surprises. Seems that this is becoming something of a trend! On Saturday night, Pete Potter found a snake in his bathroom. I walked in to find 4 grown men trying to catch a 15" garter snake with a bath towel.......what a sight!!! Once I saw what kind of snake it was, I covered it with a hand towel and then grabbed it and took it out to a nearby drainage ditch.
Well..... I did stop by Mac Cramer’s room on the way and offered to show him my catch....I haven’t seen Mac move that quick in years, threatening me as he literally leaped across the room. In
other news, Fred Raby seemed to take the Tennessee/Florida game in stride....We were all watching close to make sure he didn’t "self-destruct" like Tennessee did.!! Speaking of Fred, he has all but wrapped up the "Fisherman of the Year" honors with his 4th place finish. Congratulations!!!!!! Jere J .....What’s with all the fender business that we have had this year?????

As weigh-in time came on Saturday, Dave Dyess (Mr. Spotted Bass) and his partner John "Pathfinder" Schaeff showed up with a boat load of nice fish. Each weighed in a limit of bass. They were working the area near the upper dam and really caught a lot of fish on jigs and spoons.
They were not to be denied on Sunday either as they finished 1st and 3nd respectively....memories of Lake Martin come to mind for some reason.....we must remember not to pair up those two again. "Pistol Pete" Potter showed up Sunday with a nice bag of fish that he picked up on a white spinner bait. Good enough to take 2rd place. I think he fished creeks in the middle and lower portions of the lake. Mike Tyson brought in a nice 3.5 lb spot for Saturday’s lunker and Pete Potter and Rich Renner tied for Sunday’s lunker, each had a fish weighing 2.7 lbs.
All in all some nice fish brought to the scales.

Next month is our annual "fish-off" tournament. It will be a 2 day affair and will be held on the Appalachicola River at Wewahitchka, Florida. Fishermen will have several options available to them at this site. They will be able to fish the Appalachicola River, Dead Lakes ( a 5000 acre cypress lake formed by the Chipola River), and the Chipola River above and below Dead Lakes. There are about 10-12 fishermen battling for positions for the "Top Six" yearly honors. This should prove to be an exciting as well as a fun outing. Until next month, ......

Keep your lines tight......Creek Chub

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Dave Dyess 10 17.55
Pete Potter 7 10.65
John Schaeff 8 9.40
Fred Raby 7 8.75
John Buck 5 7.35
Mike Tyson 4 6.95
Wally Cassiano 4 6.20
Neil Springstead 3 5.05
Tony Boyette 2 4.75
Paul Sullivan 3 4.70
Jeff Weaver 4 4.60
Randy Cole 4 4.45
Rich Renner 2 4.00
Kevin Simmons 2 4.00
Don Jahnke 2 3.50
Lee Brannon 2 3.45
Mack Crammer 2 2.40
Jere Jaillite 2 2.20
Jim Bailey Sr. 1 1.15
Dwayne Mills 1 1.10
Cliff Armstrong 0 0
Jack Maher 0 0