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#1 Fred Raby
#2 Dave Dyess
#3 Jim Bray
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Fred Raby

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"John's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Tensaw River
Cliff's Landing

May 22, 1999

The May tournament was held out of Cliffs Landing on the Tensaw river Saturday, May 22. The Hawg Hunters were well represented by 26 anxious fishermen. As in typical fashion we arrived at the landing 45 minutes early but this time it was worth it as lots of boats began showing up as we were leaving.
I had the privilege of fishing with a long time friend Mac Cramer. Mac and I have been with the Hawg Hunters for many years but haven't had the opportunity to fish together for several years. Anyone who has ever fished with Mac knows that he has a ton of quips and expressions which will keep you laughing all day long. It was nice to remember back to a lot of former fishing trips and tournaments and the humorous times we've experienced with the Hawg Hunters. We had a great time.

The last 2 tournaments were record setters for our club and this tournament brought us back to REALITY. We started off in the back of Briar Creek hoping to get on some fish I had located a
week earlier. We found the fish, lots of giant war mouths, a few grinnels, and several small bass, but no keepers. By 7:30 we knew it was going to be a tough day. By 8:30 it was getting tough and hot and by 9:30 we were burning up from the heat and frustrated with the fishing. At least we didn't have to worry with gnats and bugs or yellow flies. They'll be around next month!!! Mac kept saying something about a "one-eyed" crank bait, but still the fishing never improved.

We left Briar Creek for a spot of mine down river and no sooner than getting there Mac popped a nice keeper on a crank bait. Sooooooo we sand-papered the bank with cranks and didn't get another hit. Mac said he had a spot we needed to try down near the causeway so off we went.
Soon after arriving there I caught a nice keeper off his bank and we worked the area hard with no more hits. We were off again back to the main river and one of my spots and yep, you guessed it....Mac caught a keeper right away. We worked the bank again with out another hit. And that was our day....T O U G H !!!!
It was so bad that Mac even took 2 short naps until the heat just got too bad. (How about that Pete, you're not the only one who naps!!!!)

By the time weigh in arrived we were worn out. However at the weigh in we found out that just about everyone else had the same tough luck as us. A fish or two early and then nothing. When all was said and done Fred Raby came up with the first place stringer of 3 fish for 5.55 lbs and the lunker of 2.5 lbs.
Dave Dyess was second with 4 fish for 5.40 lbs and Jim Bray was third with 3 fish weighing 3.45 lbs. At the scales most guys said they caught their fish on worms, lizzards, or jigs.....if you can believe fishermen.

Although the fishing was tough, it was good to see such a great participation by the club with 26 guys fishing. Also it was good to have an old member return to fish. Charles Cetti it's good
to see you back. Our next outing is at Miller's Ferry on June 19, at Ellis Landing. Til then keep your lines tight and your hooks sharp.

Keep your hooks sharp

Creek Chub

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Fred Raby 3 5.55
Dave Dyess 4 5.40
Jim Bray 3 3.45
Mack Cramer 2 2.75
Brian Metcalf 2 2.35
Wally Cassiano 2 2.10
Cliff Armstrong 1 2.00
John Buck 1 1.65
Charles Cetti 1 1.65
David Powell 1 1.65
Pete Potter 1 1.40
Lee Brannon 1 1.35
John Scheaff 1 1.35
Drew Brown 1 1.30
Frank Kelly 1 1.10
Jack Maher 1 1.05
Rich Renner 1 .95
Jim Bailey Jr. 0 0
Jim Bailey Sr. 0 0
Jere Jailitte 0 0
Kevin Simmons 0 0
Neil Springstead 0 0
Paul Sullivan 0 0
Stan Wright 0 0
Jim Cowley Didn't Fish 0
Donnie Wiggin Didn't Fish 0