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Total Fish Caught
Miller's Ferry


Total Dead Fish
Miller's Ferry


Total Fish Weight
Miller's Ferry


Total Fish Caught
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Total Dead Fish
For Year


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For Year


#1 Fred Raby
#2 Brian Metcalf
#3 Neil Springstead
Big Fish Saturday
Jack Maher
3.50 lbs.

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"John's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Millers Ferry
Ellis Landing

June 19, 1999

The June tournament for the Hawg Hunters was held at Miller's Ferry at Ellis Landing. There were fishermen in persuuit of the "big one". The weather was nice and the water color was good but little current was evident. Many of the guys had found fish during practice days and hopes were high for a good creel.

As everyone gathered at the launch in the pre-dawn light, stories and lies a-plenty were being swapped. Then before we headed out for the blast-off we were all treated to skillful maneuvering as Frank Kelly showed off his driving skills by crashing boat trailers. The guy sure knows how to get your attention.

With daylight fast approaching, we blasted-off in order.....all in hot persuit of Mr. Bass. My partner was Tony Boyette, (a guest). He and I headed up river to a slough where I had found good fish during the week. We started working top water lures and jerk baits but got no responses.

Tony was very patient and didn't rag me too much when I couldn't find the fish. Once the sun came up we switched to a jig and pig on cut banks. Earlier in the week I had found some nice fish on this pattern. After a few minutes I was able to put a small keeper in the boat. As the morning wore on the fishing got even tougher with only an occasional small non-keeper. Around noon Tony got a nice keeper to hit a spinner bait cast under a low hanging cypress limb. That was it for us!! What a tough day. We both worked hard and never gave up, but we just couldn't get the fish to bite. Oh well there’ll be other days.

Upon returning for the weigh-in, we found that many other guys had the same tough luck as we did. However, as always a couple of guys seem to find the fish and it always seems to be the same guys!!! Fred Raby had several nice fish...3 weighing 5.85 lbs. ...enough to win the tournament. His partner Jack Maher had the lunker at 3.50 lbs. They were fishing cut banks with a jig and pig and they were able to find some quality fish. Brian Metcalf finished 2nd and had the only limit (5) at the scales which weighed 5.65 lbs. He said he had them early and caught several other keepers but couldn't get the quality bite he was wanting. Rounding out the top 3 was Neil Springstead with 3 fish weighing 3.60 lbs. Congratulations to all who brought fish to the scales!!!!

Our next tournament is on the mighty Choctawhatchee River at Ebro. The launch is next to the bridge on Hwy 20. This will be new water for most of us so who knows what to expect other than hot weather and yellow flies.

Hey Pete....We’re glad to see you up and around again. ...You didn't miss a lot this weekend. We're looking forward to seeing you back again next month. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. ...rumor has it that Wally has had some great experience in picking backlashes, Jim Bailey Sr. has once again learned how to crash boats into docks and that Frank Kelly really does race demolition derby's.

Keep your hooks sharp

Creek Chub

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Fred Raby 3 5.85
Brian Metcalf 5 5.65
Neil Springstead 3 3.60
Jack Maher 1 3.50
Stan Wright 2 2.85
Jim Bailey Sr. 2 2.30
Jere Jailitte 1 2.00
Dave Dyess 1 1.65
John Buck 1 1.20
Mack Cramer 1 1.15
David Powell 1 1.15
Wally Cassiano 1 1.05
Kevin Simmons 1 .95
Bob Hanson 1 .70
Cliff Armstrong 0 0
Lee Brannon 0 0
Jim Bray 0 0
Don Jahnke 0 0
Frank Kelly 0 0
Rich Renner 0 0
Jeff Weaver 0 0
Tony Boyette (Guest) 0 0