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Millers Ferry

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Millers Ferry


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#1 Neil Springstead
#2 Jere Jaillite
#3 Mack Cramer
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Neil Springstead
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Tommy Buck

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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Millers Ferry

Ellis Landing

October 24-25, 1998

This Month's Report By
Rich Renner

Well another tournament at the famed Millers Ferry Reservoir has come and gone. I dont know why this place kicks my reer everytime we fish it, but it does. Weather has started to change and it feels good to fish without your hair on fire. Now if you were to ask me that at blast off on saturday morning I probably would have told you different. A 40 degree air tempreture
at 55 mph is a bit cool but you learn to adaptd.

I fished with a man I would like to now be able to say is a "good
friend", Jeff Weaver out of the back of his Venture. We had a good time except for the fact that in two days of fishing we only caught 1 keeper. We did catch alot of short fish thou, so it made for some fun. We had a pattern, to bad the weather had other ideas on the first day. We took off out of Ellis Landing or should I say crawled out, that no wake zone is a killer. Not only was it cold but F-O-G-G-Y, by the time we hit the log crane about half a mile up river you couldnt see the trolling motor on the front
of the boat. Now lucky for me Jeff had a GPS and we had put in the spot we were heading to, Liddell Creek. The only problem is Jeff had just got theGPS, so he didnt trust it. I kept telling him to just stay on the return path from the day before, but he just didnt trust it. Better safe then sorry! We finally got to our spot and of coarse the pattern wasnt working, found out later at the weigh in that floating worms didnt work for anyone.

So after a tough day of fishing all we could muster is one keeper and a few short fish. On Sunday we had decided to fish the main river, but no luck other than short fish. We did have a good time and the weather couldn't have been better. All in all it was a good weekend and congratulations to Neil Springstead for getting that monkey off his back. Mabey next time he opens
his mouth about buying a round if he catches big fish he'll make sure no one is around, but thanks for the coke Neil.

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Neil Springstead 3 8.05
Jerry Jaillite 5 6.70
Mack Crammer 5 6.30
Tommy Buck 3 4.95
Lee Brannon 3 4.10
Jim Bailey Sr. 3 3.50
David Powell 2 2.85
Brian Metcalf 2 2.45
Bob Hanson 2 2.25
Jim Bray 1 2.10
Don Jahnke 1 1.80
Stan Wright 1 1.75
Pete Potter 1 1.50
Kevin Simmons 1 1.25
John Buck 1 1.20
Wally Cassiano 1 1.20
Jack Mahher 1 1.10
Rich Renner 1 1.05
Dave Dyess 0 0
John Scheaff 0 0
Jeff Weaver 0 0