Randy Cole

Total Fish Caught

Total Fish Weight

#1 Brian Metcalf
#2 Wally Cassiano
#3 Neil Springstead

Big Fish Sat.
Fred Raby
Big Fish Sun.
Jeff Weaver

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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Millers Ferry
Ellis Landing
March 21-22, 1998

This Month's Report By
Rich Renner

First off let me start by saying, the next time we go fish Millers Ferry would someone just kick me in the shins instead. It'll hurt just as bad and save me 150 bucks in the process.

Last year when Millers Ferry rolled around for the fish off, myself Jim Bailey, Jim Jr. and Big fish Bob Hansen went up the weekend before to prefish. I had a good day including a 4.5 pounder and two others to make about 8 pounds. When the tournament came the next weekend I went fishless not even a bump. So this time when we prefished the friday before and I came up empty I thought, well there just saving themselves
for the tournament.

Saturday morning arrives with a 35 degree jolt and winds out of the northwest about 15 mph. In a word COLD. I met up with my partner Tommy Buck with alot of optimism.
We took a ten mile run through big chop down river to Mills creek. This place looked fishy, and the water temperature was about 60. But after 4 hours without a bite we both thought things would have to change. And they did, unfortunately it was myself
that was changing after I went for an invigorating swim. It was funny to see the pain in my partners face as he helped me back aboard and tried not to laugh. But I did make it easier for him by laughing at myself once I was aboard. But why does no one ever fall in when it's warm. After the long cold rough ride back to the landing to change we were back at it again. But with no better results then before. Luckily not many people caught fish and we were still in this thing. Most storys were about the new sand bars that had been found by accident.

Sunday, a beautiful 30 degree morning with no wind. My partner and I decided to make a 20 mile run up to White Oak. After a long 40 minute ride my partner hooks into a fish on about the 10th cast with a white spinnerbait.

We both thought it was going to be a good day, we where wrong of coarse. One good note is it warmed up to a nice day so we had a good ride back. At the weigh in Jeff Weaver had a good fish over 5 pound, the only bad part was that he hadn't put in
for big fish that day. OOPS! Congrats to Brian Metcalf, Wally Cassiano and Neil Springstead for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd honors. As for me Im still trying to get that bad taste out of my mouth that is always there after I fish Millers Ferry.

Keep your head up boy's, warm weather is comming.

Rich Renner

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Brian Metcalf 4 9.05
Wally Cassiano 3 7.00
Neil Springstead 3 5.60
Jeff Weaver 1 5.25
John Buck 3 5.20
Fred Raby 1 4.65
Jim Bray. 2 4.15
Jack Maher 1 4.00
Paul Sullivan 2 3.10
John Schaeff 1 1.75
Tommy Buck 1 1.65
Mack Cramer 1 1.35
Jim Bailey Jr. 0 0
Jim Bailey Sr. 0 0
Lee Brannon 0 0
Jere Jaillite 0 0
Danny Prescott 0 0
Pete Potter 0 0
Rich Rinner 0 0
Kevin Simmons 0 0
Stan Wright 0 0