Randy Cole

Total Fish Caught

Total Fish Weight

1st. Wally Cassiano
2nd. John Buck
3rd. Dave Dyess

Big Fish Sat.
Dave Dyess
3.40 lbs.


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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Blackwater River
Carpenters Park Landing
February 21, 1998

The Pensacola Hawg Hunters decided to try something new this year. They held their February tournament on the Blackwater River. They launched in the early morning hours out of Carpenter's Park landing into the cool, fog covered river. After much confusion as to when the tournament was actually going to start, members decided that it must be time to go and the search began. My partner and I started just north of the landing at the upper mouth of the upper landing, we worked our way down the bank to the south landing and discovered one third of the club still there fishing the south landing! Talk about having company. Even though we tried not to get close to anyone we were still accused of fishing someones spot. We went up river to the basins to fish the grass, we went to the main river to fish the railroad tressels, we finally went to Yellow and Weaver rivers to try our hand there. We never did find any fish, not even a nibble!
I had the pleasure of introducing a guest to our club tournament this past weekend. Cliff Armstrong and I spent the day attempting to sore mouth a few bass, but alas no luck. Someone told me guests were bad luck but I didn't believe it at the time, although I have fished with Rich Renner before (see Jim Bailey's fishing report). You could not have asked for a better day weatherwise. The temperatures were in the high 60's, the water temperature 55-62 depending on where you were, the skies.... well... how many shades of blue are there?
Some have stated the " Pensacola Hawg Hunters don't catch many fish but we look good doing it!" I would like to say Thank You for your comments and for noticing! Anyone can go out and fish, drink, smoke and whatever every weekend, and then again a few are actually part of a "CLUB" in both meaning and spirit. We may not bring as many fish to the scales each tournament as others but we have all the key ingredients that a "club" should have, comradeship, a sharing of ideas, promotion of bass fishing, and friendship! In our club we know everyones name, can you say that about yours? So thank you for noticing our club!
Congratulations to Wally Cassiano for bringing 3 fish at 5.0 pounds to the scales for first place, John Buck took second with 2 fish and 3.85 pounds. Dave Dyess took third and big fish of the tournament with 1 fish at 3.40 pounds to round out the top three. Great job on a tough day! See you on the water.

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Wally Cassiano 3 5.00
John Buck 2 3.85
Dave Dyess 1 3.40
Neil Springstead 1 3.20
Don Jahnke 1 2.55
Jim Bray 2 2.30
John Schaeff 1 1.45
Kevin Simmons 1 1.40
Jim Cowley 1 1.40
Fred Raby 1 1.35
Mark Sullivan 1 1.25
Pete Potter 1 1.20
Lee Brannon 0 0.00
Jack Maher 0 0.00
Cliff Armstrong ( Guest ) 0 0.00
Jim Bailey Jr. 0 0.00
Jim Bailey Sr. 0 0.00
Randy Cole 0 0.00
Mack Cramer 0 0.00
Mike Crosett 0 0.00
Jere Jaillite 0 0.00
Danny Prescott 0 0.00
Rich Rinner 0 0.00
Jeff Weaver 0 0.00
Stan Wright 0 0.00