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Total Fish Caught
Perdido River

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Tensaw River


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Total Fish Weight
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#1 Brian Metcalf
#2 Jim Cowley
#3 John Carr

Big Fish Sat.
Frank Kelly

Pensacola Blue Angels
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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Perdido River
Hurst Hammock Landing
August 22, 1998

The August tournaments started on Wednesday with the club meeting. The meeting was going along as normal. Then the tournament pairing began, after a little chit chat, Rich Renner started running his mouth razing me about the article I wrote last month about Frank breaking his lures off instead of bugging me to get him unhung. He let me know he would not be breaking any lures off if he got paired with me. Well, you've heard the saying "if it weren't for bad luck..." Well you guessed it, We got paired!

The Hawg Hunters went to Peridido River out of Hurst Hammock Landing. We had 18 anglers fishing out of 9 boats. We arrived at the landing early to beat the crowd. At blast off we took off like scalded dogs, some up river and some down and some straight across.

Lucky for us we were boat number two so we could head to one of Jim Jr's spots first thing. Did I mention Rich prefished with Jim Jr. At any rate, he had the pattern, seemed like anything floating would trigger a strike. Rich boated a keeper almost immediately. I ended up catching several short fish and finally latched on to a keeper. In the mean time Rich was able to boat his second keeper. All of our fish were in the boat by 10:00 am.

The rest of the day we ran from spot to spot, not to catch fish but to keep cool. The sun was shinning right down through a hole in the clouds. By 1:00 pm, I had enough, I let Rich have the boat and crawled under what little shade I could find to catch some zzzz... I don't really know why we don't shorten up those summer tournaments!

Congratulations to Brian Metcalf who took first place for the second tournament in a row! To Jim Crowley for second place and John Carr Who took third place. Big Fish for the tournament went to Our newest member Frank Kelly, ummm was he just pretending last month??

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Brian Metcalf 5 5.15
Jim Cowley 3 3.80
John Carr 3 3.60
John Buck 2 2.85
Frank Kelly 1 2.80
David Powell 2 2.35
Lee Brannon 1 2.10
Rich Renner 2 2.05
Randy Cole 1 1.55
Jim Bailey Sr. 1 1.50
Jerry Jaillite 1 1.40
Wally Cassiano 1 1.15
Jim Bray 1 1.05
Jim Bailey Jr 0 0
Jack Maher 0 0
Kevin Simmons 0 0
Neil Springstead 0 0
Jeff Weaver 0 0